Friday, 11 January 2008

Mordechai Vanunu

I have followed the story of Mordechai Vanunu since he made the Sunday Times so famously in 1986. Israels treatment of Vanunu since the famous honeytrap incident by Cheryl Bentov that led to his kidnapping by Israel in September 1986 serves as an ongoing manifestation of the turpitude that characterises Israeli morality.

Cheryl Bentov is a good example of prevailing Israeli moral culture. Here is a girl who enthralls a man through inferred promise in the guise of loving attraction. (See message below) Drugs him and enthusiastically conspires in his kidnapping and incarceration, knowing that he will spend most of the rest of his life in a degrading and obscene violation of his human rights. And all this with the encouragement of her husband, the man from Mossad.

And the crime Vanunu is guilty of?

Revealing the secret presence of Middle Eastern 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' to the West.

Obviously as President Bush's is now in Israel and given his famous interest in uncovering Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East, one might consider his continuing support of the human rights violations that the Israeli government visits on the unfortunate Mr Vanunu in the form of the massive and ongoing American investment in Israels position, surprising.

The European Parliament has condemned Israels treatment of Vanunu repeatedly. Calling for immediate action. Many of the first world Countries have recognised his plight and called for an immediate end to his persecution by the Israelis.

Try as I might though, I see no record of any similar call from the Bush regime.

This leads me to wonder why there is no similar outcry from the US. Is this because the US have an interest in the Israeli Nuclear armaments that Vanunu exposed? There are plenty of articles on google that support this position.

Whatever the reasons, every day that passes with this man being subject to ongoing atrocity by the Israeli regime is a measure of the shamefulness of those empowered by democratic election to do something about it, and who have done nothing.

Tony Blair, the pious Christian, charged with bringing peace to the Middle East (in between building up his multi Million pound American 'business to Blair' fund), has not seen fit to extend the same Christian concern he shows for remunerative opportunities to the position of a human being who we all owe a debt to.

And we do owe Vanunu a debt.

Nuclear weapons should not be secreted away under the control of those with no regard for international law and with no history of conscience or responsibility. Vanunu blew the whistle, quite possibly forcing a note of caution into their proceedings that may well have averted a nuclear strike in the intervening 21 years.

But still Mr. Vanunu rots away in Israel while so many call for his freedom in equal measure to the indifference of those empowered to enable it.

Let us hope Republican voter Cheryl Bentov, now selling real estate in Longwood Florida, where she lives the Millionaire lifestyle whilst providing good Zionist training for her two daughters, manages to dodge the ghosts of her karma. At least in this life time. Ironic perhaps that one prepared to debase the human condition so readily in the service of Israel does not extend her servitude to actually living there.

I would hope Cheryl would join me in wishing Mr Vanunu all the best for 2008.

You can find out more by visiting Eileen's site We Are Wide Awake


  1. In March 2006 i asked Vanunu what he was thinking when he took off from London to Rome with Cindy/Cheryl.

    He told me-and I believe him-that it wasn't for sex, but that she befriended him.

    It also defies logic to think V would go to Rome with C/C to her sisters apartment just for sex when the opportunity for sex was already available in London as they both had their own private rooms there.

    What C/C did was lead V to believe she was his friend.

    Only because the Daily Mirror-a tabloid-published an article -without interviewing V!along with his photo before the Sunday Times did their well researched expose, V panicked thinking the Times would not follow through with his photos proving Israel had gone nuclear and not publish their article that was published just as V was abducted, drugged, clubbed and transported back to Israel for his closed door trial.

    C/C did worse than promise V sex, she acted like a friend and that is the ultimate Judas kiss.


    Eileen Fleming,

    Producer "30 Minutes With Vanunu" freely streaming on WAWA

    Reporter and Editor WAWA:

    Author "Keep Hope Alive" and "Memoirs of a Nice Irish American 'Girl's' Life in Occupied Territory"

  2. What strikes me more and more is the amount of seriously distubring facts about Israel that hardly get any attention in European press.

    This man should have been freed from Israel many years ago!

  3. i totally agree 'anonymous' that V should have been totally freed in April 2004, and if he had been, i never would have X'd paths with him at all.

    What gets my Irish up and flaming is the USA MSM that have totally ignored this amazing bit of history and to top it off, i am totally ticked at Amy Goodman!

    I once upon a time had been a financial supporter of her show: Democracy Now!

    Because of my financial donation i was invited to have lunch with Amy [big friggin' deal!] in New York last April.

    My friend Nick and i went and he picked up the the lunch tab.

    i mostly went because i wanted to inform Amy that her 2004 interview with V was MAJOR testimony against him in his historic freedom of speech trial.

    i asked her point blank to please do a follow up while the court case was on.

    She pulled out her Blackberry and jotted it all down, she acted like she was really interested.

    i told her all about the "30 Minutes with V" and his messages to Hillary, Bush and USA Christians streaming on my site.

    I gave her a copy of my second book and figured she would at least follow up with V, but i had hoped she would be democratic enough to allow me a few minutes on her show.

    NO WAY did she do anything at all!

    She waited until July 2, 2007 when V received the sentence of 6 months in jail for talking to the likes of her before she even bothered to phone him for a follow up!

    When i saw V a few weeks after that during my 5th trip to OPT, i asked him why didn't he talk with her and he said:

    "The media never helped me, so I am not talking with them."

    I told V that the old 4th Estate has passed away, and the New 4th Estate is his hope- for we the people-civilian journalists who don't take assignments from editors or paychecks from conglomerates and care about the TRUTH will be the ones to raise awareness and attention to his cause.

    Only in Solidarity do "We have it in our power to begin the world again"-Tom Paine

    So, please alert/agitate your local media regarding the "30 Minutes with V" under VANUNU ARCHIVES on WAWA and maybe, just maybe the EU Press will DO SOMETHING for V's cause, for in the USA Amy Goodman didn't do jack!



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